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Recycling in Orlando


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The city does not support recycling for condos and apartments. I think this is because their crews/trucks can only pick up from the red & blue boxes you put out on the street -- which obviously is not possible for any properties with multiple units. Right now I (reluctantly) just put everything in the trash. We tried to get the city to come up with something (maybe shared recyling bins) but as yet no luck. I think this is because there is a fine line between their collection costs and the money they get for the recycled trash.
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I **THINK** we just got recycling in my building (Eola South). Got a letter about it but have not read it fully yet. I will elaborate later on when I read it. I know someone in my building was pushing the city hard for this for a looonnng time.

When I lived in NYC (a 50 story high rise) each floor had two big bins by the garbage chute for paper & plastic/metal. The building's porters would empty them every night into a larger bin in the "garbage area" - this is standard procedure in NYC for large buildings -and something all Orlando high rises need.

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OK - here we go...

February 1st 2008

Dear One South Eola Resident:

The City of Orlando Solid Waste Management Division is pleased to offer a new apartment-recycling program for the residents of your complex, beginning February 20th, 2008. We hope each of you will take advantage of this opportunity to divert waste from the landfill by recycling.

We need your participation and cooperation for this program to be successful. This recycling program will work if you closely follow the instructions below.

There will be several waist-high plastic recycling containers (Black carts) located in the service area near the bicycle rack on the ground floor. Each container will be labeled on the top with the types of recycling materials you may place inside. The materials do not need to be separated by type; it is fine to mix the recyclables within the carts.

You can recycle glass, aluminum and metal cans, all plastics (except plastic bags), newsprint, magazines, office paper, junk mail, cardboard and pressed board, and paper grocery bags. Cardboard boxes must be broken down to fit into the cart.

Important: Do not place plastic bags or Styrofoam in the recycling carts. Please return these to the grocery store. Plastic bags tangle around the sorting machines.

Please take great care to not mix garbage with these recyclable materials as this may result in the entire load being discarded at the sorting center.

If you have any questions about the City of Orlando's Single Cart Apartment Recycling program, please call us at 407-246-2314. Thank you for your participation


Mike Carroll

Solid Waste Division Manager

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