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Mid-Century Modern and A. Hays Town


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A Hays Town....More Than Creole Cottages

It's interesting to note that Baton Rouge's most noted purveyor of the creole cottage was also one of its most avant garde modernists in the 1950's and '60's. Many of the buildings lining Florida Boulevard and elsewhere throughout the city were built by A. Hays Town, the architect best known for his retro residential designs. This article notes the present difficulty in preserving many of these structures. R. Buckminster Fuller's 1958 Union Tank Car geodesic dome in North Baton Rouge was demolished under the radar last year. While mid-centuiry modern may not be as endearing as a creole cottage, many of these buildings are as deserving of preservation- probably more so, than many of his later works.

225 Baton Rouge

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Hey Tom, thanks as always for comin by for a visit :thumbsup: Interesting read; I got to read something about this, but never thought about posting.

I see they say BR has reverted to that "over-done" French-faux-paus style that dominates the suburban garden offices all over the place. That's why I welcome any other style; esp. the more modern ones.

It's interesting to see what they say about the Florida Blvd. corridor too....the corridor has plenty examples of Baton Rouge

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A very informative article. A while back I could not help but notice some of these same buildings. A drive along Florida Blvd reveals some interesting structures with crisp lines reminiscent of this style.

Here are a few photos I took....














Other main thoroughfares of that time, like Plank Rd and Airline Hwy, also have their share of the stylish buildings.

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Thanks for posting all those pics flatiger.I never truly realized the Modernist thing going on. The Florida Blvd. corridor sure was impressive back in the day; and in many ways still is! A continuous string of development! It's too bad Airline Hwy never had more multi-story buildings like Florida Blvd. which has the 14-story Republic Tower and the 8- story old Blue Cross Bldg.(Tallest Building in BR East of Airline). I have posted those two pics way back. I liked the Republic Tower eventhough it's ugly; it's height made up for it.

It's encouraging to see the revitaliztion in eastern Mid-city. BRCC has been great for the area, so has Bonne Carre/La.Technology Park. And in between those, the old Sears bldg. has been renovated into BREC's HQ's^ 2nd to last pic.

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