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Honolulu's Culture & Arts District (NoHo)

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^Yeah well the official name of this particular area is "The Honolulu Culture & Arts District" which its basically part of the upper blocks of Chinatown, hence the Asian influence of some of the buildings or colors but some artists in the upper sections of the hood have started to dub the words NoHo. :D Anyhow, there has been a whole lot of interest in the area especially since the arts community started to move in this section of the city, they have really began to revive the area and spark a lot of interest and have also drawn people back. The only problem with the area nearby known as Hotel Street is the illegal activities that go on such as drug dealing, prostitution, etc however even thats starting to change as many in the art community have taken a stand by holding signs and letting those people know that they are not intimidated and will not tolerate those illegal activities! However, historically its been that way for probably over a 100yrs as it was officially known as Honolulu's Red Light District where protitution, brothels, etc were legal and opium dens were present underneath via old lava tubes! :blink: Anyhow, people are trying to get the area rezoned to allow for artists lofts above the many shops/businesses in the area, a totally awesome proposal! Historically the main people that lived above many of the businesses were the owners or people that ran the shops below but it may soon change for the better! :)

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