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Kapolei approved to expand 150-foot skyline

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Kapolei approved to expand 150-foot skyline

Yeah, I know its not much of a height increase but hey it's a start for a suburb and wannabe second city.

Source: Honolulu Advertiser

The current look




The Kapolei skyline may grow taller under a plan approved by the Honolulu City Council.

The council decision allows developers to build as high as 150 feet on 13 city blocks in downtown Kapolei. An additional 10 blocks were given a new height limit of 120 feet.

Previously only six blocks were allowed to go as high as 150 feet.

The height limits, included in the latest version of the Kapolei Urban Design Plan and approved last week, are meant as a guideline for planners. Developers would still need to gain zoning approvals to reach such heights. But typically, zoning changes by the City Council have adhered to such guidelines.

Presently the tallest building in Kapolei is only 90 feet tall, but plans are on the drawing boards for structures that could go as high as 150 feet.

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