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New Franklin Downtown Condos


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I remember hearing about these sometime ago. These are around a million dollars each if memory serves me right. I really like these. IMO, one of the best looking projects I have seen. Wish we had a few like this DT in the capitol district.

These are about two blocks off of the square.

New Condos DT Franklin






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Wow, I love those! Why can't all "urban" residential developments built like that? It's just simple, real, no-frills urbanity, built right up to the street, made with brick, none of those strips of grass or bushes to create a false sense of security or privacy...it's great!

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I agree, Franktown. Sometimes we all get aggravated at all the sprawl in the area, but Franklin has come into its own for sure. I do think some of the growth is getting a little out of control going down 65 even farther. However, DT Franklin is a jewel for sure. I am glad to see they have some rigid guidelines in the DT area.

I am excited to see McEwen Place being developed and Meridian was very cool as well. I think in another ten years or so, it will be very hard to differentiate from Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville. It almost is now.

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Generally, I think, we assume that if it's not in Nashville, then it's not urban. Also, we often malign Franklin for sucking away businesses, congestion, etc.... all of those things are true, but Downtown Franklin is 100% urban in the traditional sense.
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