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Franklin Office buildings


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Made a little trip down to Franklin today just to get shots in the office park across from Cool Springs.

Funny how I could have taken one picture of any of the Corporate Center Buildings and you would not be able to tell them apart. But I took each one for fun.

Corp Center 1 thru 12











I think I missed one of the buildings. I would bet it looks just like the other ones though.

One interesting thougth is that if you stack all of the Corporate center office buildings, it equals a 72 story building. We sure could have used that DT.

Healthways Building


Embassy Suites




Highwood Properties Cools Springs 1 and 2


Not sure who is in this building, but I would bet someone can help me out. This is probably the first large office building built in the area. I am not sure when it was built.




Meridian Cool Springs






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There are sidewalks around those buildings. That doesnt mean its a very walkable area though. That area has a whole lot of maturing to do before that happens. The primus building is really really cool looking at night btw. It's got blue LED lighting all over the place. Next time I'm out that way I'll get a night pic. All of these buildings would add up to much more than 70-something floors. All of these buildings are wider than a tower would be downtown, especially the nissan building! That building alone would have probably been a 4 or 500 footer if built downtown. Man if all of these would have gone downtown into one building, Nashville could have had its own sears tower! But at the same time cool springs would look like bumsville with a mall still. As of right now, cool springs has finally began a skyline. You can see it pretty well from franklin road just before you get to mack hatcher pkwy. Also, FWIW I like the nissan building too. You can't really see it in the picture but it's shaped like an S.

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What are you talking about? There's sidewalks everywhere in Cool Springs... there have to be! It could be that you just can't see them in the picture. Meridian currently has Noshville, a gelato place, and Bosco's is opening soon. It'll soon have street-level retail with office above with two hotels in the development.


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Brain, If you are familiar with this area, the entire area is about equally bisected by Cool Springs Blvd. E. There are a few areas with no side walks but very few. It is pedestrian friendly for sure, but can be a little problematic crossing the main streets due to a high traffic volume. I think, but not sure that you can walk to Cool Springs Mall on sidewalks from this area. Right behind these office buildings are subdivisions with $800,000 to $million plus homes. There is still a lot of room going south in this park, but east it is bounded by these homes. It is getting very urban for sure. Even though this is a suburban area of Nashville, the City of Franklin is starting to come into its own as far as being its own urban entity. It reminds me of areas of suburban Phoenix and Denver that I have seen.

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That sounds encouraging. It's been years since I was in that area (I think 2000). From what I've read, I'm sure it's vastly different. Thanks for all the pics. I really, really like downtown Franklin, but had found the Cool Springs area lacking. So I guess I'll have to come up and check it out soon.

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Cool Springs catches a lot of grief and I don't always understand why. Nearer the residential corridors are numerous commercial pockets each accessible from the neighborhoods or the green pedestrian ways along the roads. Retail and restaurant opportunities abound, along with amenities for daily living. They've got it when many areas just can't come close. I don't bemoan the fact that it's like that, but it takes bucks to pull it off. This is Franklin.

Brain, I think you'd be stunned at the changes. Bring your patience or do your touring on a Sunday morning. Traffic does indeed, stink most other times.

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Thanks for tour around the office park smeagolsfree.

I like the Nissan tower and its's uniqueness well enough; but while all the other buildings are very clean and modern..... I can't help but wonder if Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc had survived into the 21st Century if we would not be seeing similar looking office blocs in East Berlin and Moscow. ;) I am jesting of course.

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Healthways building link. Aside from the loading dock there will be grass surrounding the main building. There is parking beneath the building as well as a detached garage (seen on the right side). Healthways wanted more greenspace. All the dirt area towards the bottom of the picture will be a park setting (trees and grass and stuff

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