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Ivory Tower

Detroit highrises outside of downtown prt. 1

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This is just a few samples of what Detroit has in other highrise districts outside of downtown.


WSU apt.'s


More WSU apt.'s


Professional bldg.


Cathedral & Med. Center apt.'s



More Med. center facilitys


Medical Library ?


McAbees(school board)bldg.


Masonic Temple


Park Shelton apt.'s


Backside of Park Shelton Apt.'s with random highrise in background & neighborhood housing in foreground.


Random bldg.


Belcrest hotel


These are pics of vacent buildings.

But, Midtown is having a great rebirth, and these buildings will most likely be renovated in the near future.

Old Motown H.Q. bldg., Hotel Eddie Stone & Harbor light center


American Hotel


Random vacent building


I'll be back with other areas of the city later.

And thanks to downtownmotown.8k.com for such cool pics.

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Thanks for the pics! A lot of people don't realize that Detroit has a lot of skyscrapers (actually midrise is probably a better term for them) outside of downtown, especially in midtown. There's some great architecture and a lot of untapped potential in midtown. The revitalization the neighborhood is experiencing is amazing!

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Exactly, most people don't realize how urban Detroit is or still is.

Midtown probably has a couple dozen highrise buildings(about 10 stories or better)

The Newcenter has about a dozen highrises and a couple skyscrapers(Fisher bldg. & Henry Ford apt.'s)

Lafayette Park has 5 known skyscrapers and several highrises.

Rivertown has several high and midrises.

East Jefferson around Indian Village("Gold Coast") has a couple skyscrapers and several highrises.

Downtown alone has somewhere between 40-50 skyscrapers, if you count 20 stories or better a skyscraper.

And dozens of highrises.

While Detroit might not be as big as it used to be in ranking, it's still bigger than most people think it is.

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Yeah, people view the city as a "has been", but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, the city has fallen on hard times. Yes, it lost more than 1 million people. But there are still 906,000 people in the city, many of whom love Detroit and want to see the city rise once again. Let's just say that Detroit isn't going to disappear anytime soon!

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