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Ivory Tower

Midtown redevelopment coming along quite nicely

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This is a pic of the Brush park neighborhood in midtown Detroit.

Many historical buildings are or have been renovated, and many new townhomes have served as infill.

Heres a couple small examples of renovation.

An old apartment building.

A historic rowhouse

And heres a small sample of the new infill townhomes.

Heres a distant pic that shows how the new and old are starting to mesh with one another.

To add to this, the ajoining six 15 storie Brewster housing projects are being redeveloped into condos and private housing. :)

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The building in the first picture is so cool...I don't know why, but I could just picture myself living there. :) Unfortunately I'll have to wait until I'm done with college for that. :(

I'm not real crazy about the crosswinds townhouses, but they do add residents to the neighborhood, and they could look a lot worse than they actually do.

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