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Ivory Tower

Detroit postcards

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That postcard is about 12 years old.

Since then they have built a new Veterans hospital and added two phases to it.

And plenty of new townhomes have been built just to the south of that in Brush Park.

Wayne State University has built an 11 storie apt. for students

And, Woodward has scene the midrise orchestra place built and another mid rise phase 2 is under construction as I speak.

Not to mention all the renovations and a soon to be ground breaking on hundreds of midrise apartments along Woodward.

Actualy, things are on the upswing in that area right now. :)

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That is good! I hope that they can revitalize the area.

The area is being revitalized very quickly. On the south end of the neighborhood, there are all kind of new townhomes going up. There are also quite a few builkding restorations in progress. Many of the open lots are bing built on...now if only we could spread this to other parts of the city.

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