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Ivory Tower

Detroit highrises outside of downtown prt. 2

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The Newcenter district(uptown)

Heres a few "uptown" highrises.

The Fisher bldg.


Old G.M. world headquarters(Cadillac Place)


Henry Ford Hospital



Henry Ford apt.'s


Argonaut bldg.


Old Michigan bell bldg.


Albert Kahn bldg.


W. Grand Blvd. Baptist church/apt.'s


Detroit storage bldg.

(they should really put the clock back up)


The name "Newcenter" came from the man behind The Body by Fisher corp.

He wanted to build a seperate business district from downtown(an uptown area).

He called the area...The newcenter for business.

So the name stuck and the rest is history.

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It's too bad Detroit has named things after that Nazi Henry Ford.

I wonder if they'd ever think about naming things after Hitler, being Ford was not only a major financial supporter of him, but a sympathizer as well.

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I like 'em! :)

Sorry.....I just hate Henry Ford and got redfaced when I saw that they named stuff after him. I know Detroit owes a lot to the Ford family, but it doesn't change my opinion about him. Nor Joe Kennedy (JFK's Father). He too was a Nazi lover.

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You can't beat the Fisher Building! It's my favorite building in Detroit. I just wish they had completed the who building as orignally planned though.

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Yeah, the tri towers.

The middle one being 840 ft. high.

But the depression killed that along with the 944 ft. high Book Tower,which would have been the tallest in the world at the time.

BTW, My favorite is The Fisher also.

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Heres my drawing of The Fisher bldg.

It blurred somewhat when I uploaded it.

Sorry I have to just leave a link, Webshots dosen,t allow picture linking.


Nice drawing. I wish I could do those, but I just don't have the time necessary to put into something like that anymore.

I should dig up the renderings for the Fisher Building. I have them somewhere. They are hard to come across.

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