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Moving to Anderson questions


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Hey there folks. Wifey and I are looking to move to Anderson (sort of a move-back for me, I graduated from Clemson in 99) and have a couple questions we're not having much luck getting answers to. I thought this forum might be the place to ask, so here goes...

That rail line that runs of west downtown... it's owned by Pickens Railway. How much traffic is on that? We live a few blocks from the rail line in downtown Tampa right now and the engineers just love to lay on that horn around midnight, 2 am, to hear it echo off the buildings. Wakes us up every time (there are about ten grade crossings down there in a half-mile stretch). We're not keen to move real close to an active rail line if we can expect lots of long late-night whistleblowing. Perhaps there's a quiet zone through the area, since it's residential? Anybody know?

Whitner St, and the D-E-F-G-H-I streets back in that area... that neighborhood, how is it? Is it changing, for better or for worse? I know there are a few vacant properties back there and nothing is huge or hugely expensive. We're not looking to move into the country club (couldn't afford it anyway) and we're considering a few properties in that area--but even after we visit we won't really know what the neighborhood is doing, and realtors aren't supposed to be too explicit. Any thoughts? Looks like there used to be a couple mills in the area, now abandoned (based on Google Earth), but I'm not sure.

Anybody on this site a licensed home inspector?

Thanks in advance. Hate to waste forum air with these sorts of questions but we're having trouble getting them answered.

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Hi Happy Smiths - Welcome to the Anderson threads.

I can't answer the railroad question - but I can answer the Whitner Street questions. The area is known for having problems with drugs and prostitution. Whether it's on the upswing or downswing or just treading water is hard for me to say (since I'm not currently living in Anderson). Depending on your comfort level though - it could be a great area to buy less expensive property or an old (beautiful) fixer upper house. But unless the area is coming up, it might be a tough re-sell later.

Hope that's helpful. I would definitely do some driving around in the late evening hours to take a look and see if there is any street activity. :shades:

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