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3 hours ago, markhollin said:

Meharry College Live & Lean Center (6 stories,  125 dorm rooms,2 classrooms, and fitness center) update.

Looking west from Hermosa St., 1/4 block east of 21st AVe. North:

Meharry College, Live & Learn, Dec 31, 2022, 1.jpeg

Looking NE from intersection of Hermosa St. and 21st Ave. North:

Meharry College, Live & Learn, Dec 31, 2022, 2.jpeg

Looking SE from intersection of 21st Ave. North and Morena St:

Meharry College, Live & Learn, Dec 31, 2022, 3.jpeg

Sort of Haven-ish but with brick I think.

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On 12/14/2022 at 11:12 AM, PillowTalk4 said:

Fisk Univ Shipping Container dorm, Dec 7, 2022, render 1.png

Using containers for temporary housing seems like a good alternative for Fisk until their new dorm is completed.  I really hope they have thoroughly vetted the company they will be using to provide the containers  because there are several reports about health concerns that have been attributed to using used railroad containers for housing and work environments.   Chemicals and paints that include lead and other toxic components are used on the flooring and walls of some of the containers that were actually used to transport goods.  This is done to make the containers more durable given the amount of exposure they have to varying weather conditions and they payload they carry, and to protect them from vermin.  So, if they have not been properly remediated via removal of floors/paint or encapsulation the used containers come with toxins that should not be present in a living/working environment.  Hopefully the company Fisk will be using is only installing new containers direct from the manufacture and were never used by the railroad industry.  They are more expensive but typically have not been treated with the chemicals used for true railroad containers.

BTW, TSU considered using containers as well, but from what I understand the volume of containers that TSU would need made it a less desirable option.  But it is not totally off the table.  TSU is working with a few apartment complexes to help with their housing crisis to minimize the need for hotels.  They are working with the State to fast track the construction of new dorm that may have  up to a 1,000 beds.

Just seeing this news.  Pillowtalk addressed my initial concern.  Hopeful Fisk will follow the strictest possible due diligence to ensure the safety of their students.

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As a tie-in to Markhollin's post about TSU's infrastructure upgrades and to add some context, the money $250M appropriated by the State to TSU cannot be used for new residential facilities.  While that was stated in the news release issued by TSU, many people, including Nashville media outlets have been asking why not and the simple answer is the money was specifically appropriated for infrastructure improvements.  So, unless there's some amendment to that appropriation, TSU cannot use the money for new residential facilities and they cannot use it towards a new engineering building and a new library.

TSU has been meeting with the SBC to expedite the approval to build a new residential facility that will house about 1,000 students.  They are also looking into either purchasing or entering into a long-term lease of two nearby apartment complexes (Court Villa Apartments and Jefferson Flats).  I'm assuming if they purchase or lease Court Villa apartments there will be major renovations done to the property.  Court Villa is located next to the students apartments owned by TSU on W. Heiman St.  TSU has requested the State to authorize a full appraisal of the property.  Jefferson Flats is a newer apartment complex located on Jefferson Street closer to Rosa Parks Blvd. , it now goes by the by the name 10th & Jefferson.  The complex is owned by the Freeman - Webb Company.  It should be noted that Bill Freeman is a former member of the TSU Board of Trustees.  TSU is already leasing a small number of apartments in that building.  It's unclear if TSU would be looking to purchase the building or lease the entire building or a specified number of units.

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6 hours ago, PillowTalk4 said:

So, unless there's some amendment to that appropriation, TSU cannot use the money for new residential facilities and they cannot use it towards a new engineering building and a new library.

The appropriation bill cannot be amended; it is now law and appropriated for FY22-23.  TSU is receiving $318 million of which $250 million is for infrastructure updates and upgrades to "curtail" the underfunding (state land grant funds from the federal government for several decades) for TSU's capital maintenance (renovations and repairs).  $60 million in the FY22-23 budget is for TSU capital outlay i.e., a new building...specifically a new engineering building.  The other $8 million appropriated for TSU capital maintenace in FY22-23 is for run of the mill annual maintenance items e.g., roofs, MPE, parking and other costly maintenance projects.

What could happen in lieu of an amendment to the FY22-23 appropriation would be a bigger share of additional capital appropriations for TSU in FY23-24; as it so happens, the governor will be introducing his administration's FY23-24 budget request in the very near future.

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Travecca Univ. Residence Hall (7 & 9 stories, 3012 beds) update: complete.

 Looking SW from intersection of Lester Ave. and Factory St:

Travecca Univ Dorm, Feb 11, 2023, 1.jpeg

Looking NW from Lester Ave., 1/4 block north of Woodycrest Ave:

Travecca Univ Dorm, Feb 11, 2023, 2.jpeg

Looking north from intersection of Woodycrest Ave. and Lester Ave:

Travecca Univ Dorm, Feb 11, 2023, 3.jpeg

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