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Franklin and Clarksville  

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  1. 1. Which option do forumers prefer for encouraging discussion about these cities?

    • Create dedicated threads to be pinned to the top of the forum
    • Continue to post threads in the Nashville forum as always
    • Other - Please elaborate with a post

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Interest in creating a Clarksville and/or a Franklin sub-forum has recently arisen. Currently neither city has enough dedicated discussion to warrant a dedicated sub-forum at this time. However, with some dedication from locals in creating and discussing threads on either city we could see interest and activity for these cities increase to the point where a sub-forum for either might be viable in the future.

So the question is how would our members like to proceed in developing discussion and interest in the developments in these two fast growing Middle Tennessee cities.

1.) The creation of two pinned threads at the top of the Nashville forum in which all developments and news about these two cities can be discussed and elaborated on.

2.) The continued creation of individual development threads on these cities with-in the Nashville forum.

3.) Other - "Fill in your suggestion here"

In regards to options "1" or "2" forumers who are from these cities and/or interested in seeing topics on these cities created and developed will need to proactively post and discuss developments in these cities in order for interest and activity to possibly develop to the point where a sub-forum could become viable. This is how the Murfreesboro forum came about, we had a dedicated group of forumers from that city who created and discussed topics about that city to a degree that generated enough dedicated traffic and discussion to warrant a seperate forum - which currently is doing very well for the size of the city.

Please also feel free to offer feedback and discuss the presented options.

This thread will stay open until next Sunday. That should give everyone plenty of time to view this thread, vote, and discuss the options.

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I voted for the first option because I believe it would encourage more interest in these areas. However, smeagolsfree made a good point about having too many stickies. I could live with either option.

Not to get off topic. If this does not change, how would people feel about stickying major projects such as the Pinnacle, WES, Icon, etc.?

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I think option 1 would encourage more discussion and keep clutter down in the Nashville forum as smeagolsfree stated.

My best friend works for the franklin city govt and joins in on all the board meetings so I could get news from him and relay it here. He's not allowed to discuss some things though so I can't gaurantee everything as it breaks.

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The down side from starting a new subforum: I used to be up to date on all Memphis news when Memphis and Nashville were in the same thread, since the split I probably havent looked at the Memphis forum 3 times. Just because I'm usually time strapped and much more interested in Nashville than Memphis, but I guess the positives of a new subfourm out weigh the negatives.

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^ Yep that is/was the final verdict. It was close at 9-8, but Clarksville and Franklin will get pinned threads on the top of the forum. :)

I think the pinned threads should do well in creating and centralizing more discussion and interest in these two cities, so their potential benefits to the forum may manifest in short order with some luck. Look for them to get created and posted in the next few days, after which I will need locals from both cities to help with regular news and discussion posts for both threads if we hope for them to be successful, draw in new members, and potentially establish the base support for their own sub-forums.

Thanks to everyone who parcipated in this poll and took part in the discussion.

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