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Charlotte Gateway Station and Railroad Improvements


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^ "primary" is more then a stretch.

The only side you can even argue that point is the Trade St access, but on the plans and elevation renderings it clearly shows to the left and to the right street-level entry into the CGS and the retail to the left. 

Graham St, no stairs at all.

4th St, ramp or street level access to the garage.

Can you point to the rendering of your actual complaint? 

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20 minutes ago, Cadi40 said:

We need gateway station to happen. Also, Anyone know if they build gateway station if they are going to extend a Light Rail line to connect with it?


A primary reason for the streetcar is to tie Gateway to the Blue Line. The Silver Line / West corridor might, but their intown routing is still uncertain. 

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13 hours ago, Scribe said:

Did you happen to snap any pictures? (If you went by there yourself)

Unfortunately I am normally there at dusk (on my way to the arcade bar) so the photos I have are awfully washed out. I'll try to get some daytime shots when the entry tracks begin to go down.

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15 hours ago, kermit said:

I am confused by the two different platform canopy renderings (one is the wavy glass, the other is a big suspension concrete roof).

I see this as a positive sign.

The July 2017 initial document on CGS ( http://charlottenc.gov/cats/transit-planning/charlotte-gateway-station/Documents/CGS MSAP - Final Report.pdf ) states on page 10:


The plan provides an illustrative example of the application of the design principles, but is not intended to be a final
design proposal. However, the multi-phase development of CGS should adhere to the general design principles
established in this section.

With this update from Jan 8th (lol, I like how they dated it in the future) we see that phase 1a and 1b in focus and now the design is more refined and IMO more solid (for the canopy).

I think it is a positive sign only because I hope that with each phase the design and materials used get better.

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