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Augusta ranked #5 in the southeast for total construction


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The Augusta market has landed in a construction magazine's top 10 list for Southeastern construction spending. The metro area's construction spending surge 379 percent last year, helping the area place No. 5 in Southeast Construction 's ranking in its February issue.

Augusta during an 11-month period in 2007 vaulted above larger Southeastern markets Jacksonville, Raleigh, and Tampa,

1. Atlanta 13.9 billion

2. Miami

3. Orlando

4. Charlotte

5. Augusta 5.01 billion

6. Jacksonville

7. Raleigh

8. Tampa

No word of 9 and 10 but im guessing nashville, birmingham, memphis, or louisville

Augusta area on top 10 list for new construction

Augusta is number 5 behind Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, and Charlotte. Mayor Deke Copenhaver centered his state of the city speech around the growth in Augusta. With ADP, T-Mobile, the Augusta Mall, and I-20 all topping his list of major projects.

Augusta gets high ranking for growth

Alot of the big projects don't start until 2008. Judicial center, watermark condos, kroc center, forum and VAR. Great news for augusta!

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Ah so that explains it. I thought it seemed kind of funny that Augusta...while growing and with a decent list of construction projects would beat out places like Tampa, Raleigh and (I keep saying) Greenville SC which has alot more going on (retail, office, residential) than Augusta.

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Tax revenue surprises city

Augusta ended 2007 with $5.5 million more in special purpose local option sales tax money than expected, signaling a stronger-than-expected local economy. ''Obviously, people are spending money in Richmond County ahead of what we thought they would," said Mayor Deke Copenhaver. "We're on an upward trend, which is ironic when the rest of the country is talking about recession. Despite economic growth in Columbia County, Augusta's retail market appears very strong."We are the hub of the area, and we have opportunities you might not find in some of the suburbs," he said. "Coupling that with our continued growth and the strength of our market, the numbers are coming in very well."

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