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Ronald Reagan's lasting influence . . .

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Reading this list one has to recognize that this is all during his time . . . in the months to follow many opponents and allies alike will seek tangible memorials honoring the greatest cold war hero (even better then Allen Dulles or JFK). Since so few of us agree on this board, here is something we can all agree on: the miracle that is democracy can only exist with at MINIMUM two strong and vibrant viewpoints, Ronald Reagan was the founder of the modern conservative movement (Nixon deemed himself a Keysian, an economic liberal, Eisinhower was a consensus builder and not an ideologue, the last "conservative" presidents were in the 1920's or 1900's, the term being crushed by FDR New Dealers, and the Democratic Party winning 5 elections in a row and having most branches of Govt. for close to 25 years, even with Ike and Nixon (who were NOT conservatives) the house was locked in by the Dems for 50 years the Senate was mostly Dems, and States were overwhelmingly Dems, by the time 1980 rolled around "conservativism" was a Barry Goldwater joke, not even the GOP had faith in it anymore. Reagan put it on the map and made it a revolution, made it vibrant and a strong alternative to liberalism). "Reagan Republicans" which Bush Jr. claims he is, and "FDR/Clinton" Democrats will be the calling card for thousands of politicians for decades to come. We owe that vibrant debate to Ronald Reagan, ( I would say we owe him the 1983-Present Bull Market and the death of communism, something not Harding, FDR, Truman, Eisinhower, JFK, Johnson, Nixon, Kissanger, or Carter could bring about, and they threw everything at it AND the kitchen sink). Anyways here it is Reagan's Influence in tangible terms:

Ronald Reagan School, Yuma, AZ

Ronald Reagan Road, Kingman, AZ

Ronald Reagan Center, Los Angeles, CA

Ronald Reagan Ranch Leadership Center, Santa Barbara, CA

Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, Santa Ana, CA

Ronald Reagan Freeway, CA

Ronald Reagan Library, Simi Valley, CA

Ronald Reagan Endowed Chair of Public Policy, Peperdine University

Ronald Reagan Elementary School, Bakersfield, CA

Ronald Reagan California Republican Center, Burbank, CA

Ronald Reagan State Office Building, Los Angeles CA

Ronald Reagan Suite, Los Angeles CA

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Ronald Reagan Educational Center, Fresno CA

Ronald Reagan Freeway, I-25 Colorado

Ronald Reagan National Airport, Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan National Memorial, National Mall, Washington DC (Currently before the House)

Ronald Reagan Bldg. and International Trade Center, Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan Chair in Public Policy, Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan Communications Center, Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan Institute for Emergency Medicine, GW Hospital, Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan Republican Center, Washington, DC

Ronald Reagan Avenue, Miami, FL

Ronald Reagan Turnpike, Florida All 312 Miles of the Florida Turnpike

Ronald Reagan Post-Office, Melbourne, FL

Ronald Reagan Blvd., Orlando, FL

Ronald Reagan Drive, Augusta, GA

Ronald Reagan Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA

Ronald Reagan Physical Education Center, Eureka College, IL

Ronald Reagan Drive, Eureka, IL

Ronald Reagan Exhibit, Eureka College, IL

Ronald Reagan Leadership Program, Eureka, IL

Ronald Reagan Research Center, Chicago, IL

Ronald Reagan Birthplace, Tampico, IL

Ronald Reagan Park, Tampico, IL

Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home, Tampico, IL

Ronald Reagan Bridge, Dixon, IL

Ronald Reagan Highway, IL (US 14 from Chicago to State Line)

Ronald Reagan Middle School, Dixon, IL

Ronald Reagan Peace Garden, Eureka, IL

Ronald Reagan Way, Dixon, IL

Ronald Reagan Miracle Ranch, Markelville, IN

Ronald Reagan Elementary School, Hamilton, IN (currently before school board)

Ronald Reagan Historic Marker, Des Moines, IA

Ronald Reagan Hope Home, Jackson, MS

Ronald Reagan Blvd., Warwick, NY

Ronald Reagan Expressway, Cincinnati, OH

Ronald Reagan Exhibit, Oklahoma City, OK

Ronald Reagan State Office Bulding, Salem, OR (currently before legislature)

Ronald Reagan Day, Feburary 6th, OR (currently before legislature)

Ronald Reagan Drive, Richland, PA

Ronald Reagan Portrait, State Capitol, Columbia SC

Ronald Reagan Statue, Blackhills, SD

Ronald Reagan Highway, Mt. Rushmore, SD (currently before legislature)

Ronald Reagan Leadership Society, College Station, TX

Ronald Reagan High School, San Antonio, TX

Ronald Reagan Parkway, Prince William, VA (currently before county commissioners)

USS Ronald Reagan Newest US Aircraft Carrier

Ronald Reagan as the Face of the US$10 Bill (Currently tabled in the U.S. Senate)

Ronald Reagan Stamp, Nation of Grenada

Ronald Reagan Military Base, Marshall Islands


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Incumbant Prime Minister of Australia,speaking today June 6th, 2004, from Normandy in France, said that Ronald Reagan was the greatest American President since the end of Vietnam War.He went on to say that Europe has the USA to thank for the new found liberty in Europe, which now includes 25 EURO countries.

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true true, not all of those were HIS fault alone. Anyways all I know is I'd rather live in 19 8-9 where theres opportunity and prosperity to make things better then 19-7-9 where any optimism is crushed under 25% interest rates, try buying a house, starting a business or getting a school loan under Carternomics, maybe he didnt lead us to the promised land but he led us out of that, and out of a cold war, 1991 Yeltsin took over but 1989 the Berlin Wall came down, that was the first fatal wound to communism. But I am interested to hear from the opposition of course ;)

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Heckles wrote:

At least we know you are a Republican, PGH. 

but I'm a nice warm and fuzzy Republican :D

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I was born in 1982, so I don't really remember Reagan as sitting president. However, I've studied plenty, and what I will agree with is that Reagan was a great speaker. He warmed people up to him even if they disagreed because of his skill.

To posture as if Reagan's era was all good is a joke, however. Poverty reached astromonic levels. Urban areas faced among the highest crime rates in years. The stock market crashed in 1987. If you want to refer to failed Carter-nomics, then you must remember Carter had a real oil crisis on his hands that was out of his control. There were some very controversial practices such as Iran-Contraband. He spent us into the biggest deficits in history, which I agree is warranted to an extent due to the cold war threat. However most of the military spending was waste and much of the tax cuts benefitted the top instead of offering relief in other areas.

It was a different time and place in the 80's, however I do not believe Reagan is the party responsible for the fall of the red curtain. Soviet style communism brought itself down more then anything. However Reagan was a cheerleader in that effort. For that, I thank him. It takes guts to go to the Berlin Wall and say "tear down this wall."

I'm not going to sit here and say absolutely everything the man ever did was bad - you know we do need tax reform, we do need welfare reform - I just don't agree with the way he did it.

But by and large, I think Reagan was not the legendary president he's made out to be if anything, because I disagree with this modern conservative movement he gave birth to. PARTICULARLY the social policy side where the religious right is given clout and used for political gain.

It makes my blood boil to hear Republicans say Reagan created the 1990's boom (that's about as absurd as me saying Clinton is responsible for the jobs being created in the spring 2004 jobs recovery), it sickens me to hear Reagan is responsible for *all* good things over the past 25 years, and that Reagan needs another monument, highway, or some other national symbol named in his honor. Enough is enough. Yes, he was a crusader for the conservative movement and gave birth to a strong Republican party again. But he is not a saint. Going by the vote in 2000 - I feel confident in saying a majority of people in this country disagree with the modern conservative movement. This fall we'll find out how strong it is again - although 9/11 sentiment and Bush's confusion of terrorism with dictatorships may cause people to be scared into voting for him regardless. We'll have to see.

Great man, not-so-great policy. That's my mantra when it comes to Reagan.

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"He warmed people up to him even if they disagreed because of his skill."


Ronald Reagan definitely had a populist appeal, and was a delightfully entertaining speaker.

Unlike most presidents since, Ronald Reagan made himself available to the common people. When current President Bush visited Tuscaloosa during his campaign, it was just a fundraiser for people who paid some ridiculously high ticket price. By contrast, when President Reagan visited Tuscaloosa in 1984, not only was it free, but the public was welcome, he spent time talking to people, and ate at the McDonald's in Northport. Unfortunately, I didn't get to hear his speech, but my brother and I did get checked out by the Secret Service because our car broke down by the bridge right before the presidential entourage was coming through, a few blocks from my home.

President Reagan had been to town several times long before he became president, so he had quite the local following.

No matter one's views of the man's politics or ideology, it's difficult for anyone who ever heard the man to dislike him.

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