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WFU announces Deacon Blvd. Development

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FOX8 had an piece this evening about WFU's intention to develop 67 acres on Deacon Blvd into a destinastion 'village' to attract both students and the community. More details should come towards the summer as developers are chosen and plans are drawn.

A university spokesman envisions residential, office, restaurants, and entertainment in this new 'village.' FOX8 even goes as far to say this will be something Winston-Salem hasn't yet seen..

Stay tuned for details! :thumbsup:

FOX8 News Article about WFU Development Plans on Deacon Blvd.

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I like the sound of this! ;) "Something Winston-Salem hasn't seen before..."

I would love to see the city and WFU collaborate on this together and reduce the number of lanes on Deacon down to two. Though I'm not sure how WFU will make this a village since you have many service entrances for LJVM, the Annex, and BB&T (Groves) on Deacon. This will definitely be something to watch over the upcoming months!

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Tabitha Thomas sounds like a real character. :rolleyes: It is going to be interesting to see how WFU interacts with small business owners on Deacon Boulevard and how they incorporate them into their new redevelopment for the area. It is also highly ironic that Ziggy's, formerly a huge anchor for this area, decided to move to downtown because of the lack of activity and 'boringness', if you will, on Deacon. Do you think they'll stay here?

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