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KWV Blvd. (AKA) Gateway Blvd. to be extended


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The push to extend KWV Blvd has gotten a boost after last nights meeting. Looks as if the road will be pushed past the new CC to 8th ave.


I think it will be a little while before this road is completed because of all the work that will have to be done for the CC. New sewers, water lines, buried cable and the such will keep this area torn up for almost 3 years after construction starts.

Sorry Shelby, this is one I am in favor of.

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I agree that this one will take a while. How long did it take to get the thing completed down to 4th? Actually, I think that at present anyway the stretch down to 4th is largely a "service road" anyway. There are wide sidewalks with nothing fronting them for pedestrians to walk into/out of. Still, I am glad that the road is open so I can get to work without touching the interstate :) I am sure that in time stuff will be built up to Gateway going down to 4th but probably not before the convention center is built anyway.

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