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Light Rail Detroit-Ann Arbor


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Solar + Hydrogen Power Interstate Rail coming to Michigan!

by Mahesh Basantani

What do you get when you combine the innovation of MagLev technology with solar power, hydrogen fuel, and a futuristic aesthetic? The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway, or the Traveler- a ground-breaking solar powered, hydrogen-fueled, zero emission mass transit system that would carry everything from people to cars in sustainable style and carbon neutral function. The construction is set to begin this year, and would connect Ann Arbor and Detroit.

The highway is made up of a slew of systems called the rail conduit cluster and will provide a comprehensive integrated system of the public/private transit system and municipal infrastructure network. It would serve as public transport system AND distribute electricity, potable water, liquid waste, fiber optics, hydrogen, oxygen, and fuels.

The public transit component would combine high speed magnetically levitated (MagLev, which we

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I still think the People Mover should be updated and expanded. I don't see how it can be that much more expensive than tearing up the streets and building light rail. Afterall, it's just a bunch of concrete.;) I know the current DPM technology is outdated, but couldn't they just use the current loop and put a more modern system on it? Hell, they can steal the idea of using it for secondary uses such as utilities, etc.

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