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Augusta Downtown Trolley


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I like it. Looks like the route I'd choose (except I'd maybe extend it to come down 5th st. or somewhere closer to the new Watermark project). $175 million seems a bit much for a 4 mile trolley, but I suppose it'll be all new track.

I find it a bit scary that they referenced the Tampa streetcar as a success... That's a terrible system with very limited usefulness...

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Since the project is 175 million dollars already. They probably said the residents who will lived in the watermark condos on reynolds can walk to the trolley. I would have like to seen some form of light rail instead going around augusta. A stop in downtown, west augusta, south augusta, medical district, ft. gordon, evans, martinez, thomson, burke county, grovetown, north augusta and aiken but a trolley system is a good start. Amtrak was intrested in augusta this will make them look harder.

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Multi-million dollar trolley system proposed for downtown Augusta

City leaders met Wednesday to discuss ways to bring trolleys back to downtown Augusta.

They're suggesting a rail system that would be powered by water from the canal. The project would cost $35 million dollars a mile. The current proposal on the table calls for 4 miles. 80 percent of that money is eligible for federal funding. The downtown development authority is hoping to visit other cities with similar projects in the coming weeks.

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