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Spartanburg Traffic Counts


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Recently there was a question about which roads were the most heavily travelled in Spartanburg. I finally located those pesky traffic counts. There is a trick to this though... you have to know what your state road number is for the roads you're interested in. The major US and SC highways like 29, 221, SC 9, etc. are pretty easy to find. But there are thousands of local roads that are state maintained (just not a highway) and each have their state road number (usually a black sign on the road that says SR followed by a 2 digit number then the state road number). You can find what your road's ID is by looking at the map below. If its not on there, then its probably not a state maintained road. I think that some of this list is subject to interpretation because some of the "route locations" don't make any sense (eg: the segments they refer to both point to the same intersection... should be two different cross streets).

You can see a map of all state maintained roads here: MAP

You can see a list of the most recent traffic counts here: COUNTS

Selected Counts in Spartanburg County:

US  29	 Greenville Co. TO S.C. 357		  23700   

US  29	 SC 357 To Gap Creek Rd			  20500 

US  29	 I-85 TO I-26						33000

US  29	 I-26 TO U.S. 29/S.C. 296 CONN.	  29200 (Ezell Blvd from I-26 to Reidville/St John)

US 176	 I-26 TO S-56						17100 (Hwy 176 from I-26 to Old Furnace Rd)

US 176	 I-585 TO U.S. 29					33400 (N Pine St from start of 585 to Main St)

US 176	 U.S. 29 TO S-487					25000 (S Pine St from Main to either Henry or Marion (can't find S-487)

SC   9	 Old Furnace TO S-1002			   29500

SC   9	 Old Furnace Rd TO Valley Falls Rd   29500

SC   9	 Valley Falls Rd TO I-85			 27500

SC 295	 S.C. 215 TO S.C. 296				30400 (Blackstock Rd, probably from Ezell to Reidville Rd)

SC 295	 S.C. 296 TO U.S. 221				13500 (Southport Rd from Reidville to 221)

SC 296	 S.C. 290 TO S.C. 295				20600 (Reidville Rd from 290 to Blackstock)

SC 296	 S.C. 295 TO U.S. 29 CONN.		   16800 (Reidville Rd from Southport to W Main)

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