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Road trippin': Berea College Forest and Battle of Richmond (Civil War)


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In keeping up with the mid-winter updates of American Byways, I present some late-fall photographs of Berea College Forest just east of Berea, Kentucky. Encompassing nearly 7,800 acres in the Knobs and consisting of a chain of rounded, forested hills that make up an 80-mile fringe along the Appalachian Mountains, there are 12 miles of rather strenuous hiking trails that will provide a challenge to any who attempt it. But the efforts are well worth it, as a variety of pinnacles provide expanse views both to the west and east. I've added numerous photographs, along with trail and general guide information.







Only minutes from Berea, the Battle of Richmond was at the forefront between the Confederate south and the Union north, Kentucky played a large role during these battles, waging person against person in the hopes that there would be a victor and that one's ideas would succeed over the other's. The Battle of Richmond is one that is very unique, in that it was the most complete victory for the Confederacy, capturing many Yankees and paving the way for Confederate troops to march up through central Kentucky and head northeastward. I have added numerous battle re-enactment photographs from 2007. (I wish I had my 80-210mm lens!)







In relation, the Battle of Richmond Civil War Heritage Byway contains over ten interpretative markers that describe events leading up to, the battle and the aftermath of the conflict.

7 A bonus: a photograph of the author overlooking the east pinnacle at Berea College Forest. :)




Enjoy these two unique treasures from the state of Kentucky!

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