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Cedar Springs Shopping Center


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Never #1 on the list of Spartanburg shopping destinations the Cedar Springs Shopping Center nevertheless has played an important role for residents of Duncan Park, Camp Croft, Pauline, and the Cedar Springs area. However, over the years the center has seen a big chunk of it's retail space go unfilled, a devastating loss of a major tenant (Winn-Dixie), and new competition across the street.

Yesterday I visited the center for the first time in several months and was impressed by the changes going on there. First , Food Lion has built a new store in the middle of the parking lot. This gives the center a more intimate feel. Second, the facade of the remaining tenants has been redone. Third, a new Walgreens has been constructed on an outparcel at the NE corner of SC-295 and SC-56. Finally, a new Hardees has replaced the disgusting one that was located where the Walgreens is now.

New landscaping has made the center less a sea of asphalt and more pedestrian.

Just down the road on 295 is a new O'Reilly Auto Parts store and a new Spinx convenience store will soon rise.



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