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Some see streetcars in Ann Arbor's future


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Hmmm. This is rather off topic and if anyone wants to have an actual discussion about it, I will post in another forum but I will post real quick to see if any one agrees with me before posting more.

On the topic of 131 extension south, is it really needed. Just by doing a preliminary google maps overview the mileage between points would be:

Kalamazoo to Indianapolis

A new extension of U.S. 131 to toll road to 31 - 218 miles

I-94 to existing U.S. 31- 230 miles

I-94 to I-69 243

Kalamazoo to Toledo

new extension 131 to toll road - 165 miles

I-94 to I-69 - 159 miles

I-94 to U.S. 23 - 152 miles

So it seems to me that the proposal for the new extension is planned to save 12 miles on a trip from Kalamazoo to Indianapolis. It seems rather costly for such savings. Of course this is not in time driven and a lot of how convient things are depends on Indiana developing 31 and U.S. 20.

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