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Pike Road


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Pike Road annexed seven parcels of land east of Montgomery as part of the town's plan to build a public school. Annexations include land near the Waugh exit on I-85, near the intersection of Vaughn and Pike roads and north of Chantilly Pkwy. Pike Road currently has a population of about 4300, and once the population exceeds 5000, the town can build a public school.

In the past few years, Montgomery and Pike Road have been in court over annexation issues. The legal fight over the Home Depot property on Chantilly Parkway is still going on.

Pike Road annexes seven key properties

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If you know, can you please explain why you think Montgomery hasn't already tried to annex this property. Its not like that Wal-Mart sprung up overnight. I would have really thought Montgomery would have tried to annex all of that property when they were building Chantilly Pkwy. It really makes no sense to me but I also don't have a clue about annexation.
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I really don't know, RSAHort. I remember Mayor Bright raised hell about Wal-Mart building just outside the city limits, but I don't know why the city council hasn't annexed it. The only thing I can think of is that maybe the property owner has to request to join the city. You brought up an interesting point about Chantilly Pkwy. Who paid to build it -- the city, county, state? Who paid for the water and sewer lines out there? The only thing I know for sure is that it wasn't Pike Road.
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