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Big Plans for Brevard St.

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I was watching News14 today when they ran a story about a major new project being planned for Brevard St. The hope is to turn Brevard into one of Charlotte's signature streets with a combination of retail and restaurants. It sounds very interesting, and we'll all learn more about it tommorow night when the plan is presented to the city council. Below are a couple quotes from an article on the News14 website.

Thilo said the idea is to use Bobcats Arena as the northern bookend and the Charlotte Convention Center and NASCAR Hall of Fame as the southern one.

"You'll have restaurants, shops, a lot of local retailers," Thilo said. "You'll be able to have a total experience from the two bookends along the way."

The Full Article

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Glad to see this topic revived and brought to the media. Unfortunatly it says work won't begin until the Hall of Fame opens in 2010; hopefully that means construction, and they will have plans beginning soon.

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