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SouthEnd Midrise Projects


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54 minutes ago, 49er said:

I wonder if they would attempt to realign the "College Street Connector" that runs through the land holding. 

I was wondering that the other day. It doesn't seem like there's anything to realign it to anymore, since College dead-ends into a building on the South End side. I would guess they'd just abandon College at E Morehead, leave Morehead Square Dr the way it is (or rename it as part of College too I guess) and then just get rid of the connector.

Or you could reconstruct Morehead Square Dr to directly connect to the College/E Morehead intersection, end that road at E Carson, and create a little pocket park at the new triangle created by the realignment of Morehead Square Dr.

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3 minutes ago, SouthEndCLT811 said:

It would be cool if they negotiated a spot for Midnight Diner to be in the base of the new buildings like what Sycamore did.  Then the diner car itself relocate to a new part of town

Yes that would be a good retail tenant with the 2 high rise residential towers they might need some places to eat for sure.  

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5 hours ago, QCxpat said:

Today's CBJ "Sources: Developer circling prime site near Uptown Charlotte for project" by Colin Huguley and Jennifer Thomas

Excerpts:  "A developer appears to be circling a high-profile site near uptown Charlotte for a major project.  Chicago-based Riverside Investment & Development has filed pre-submittal development documents for the site.  Multiple addresses are shown to be tied to the filing. One address listed in the project description is 1111 S. Tryon St."  ... "The pre-submittal filing was filed on Friday, according to city records.  The South Tryon address is not affiliated with any specific building location but when put into Google Maps, it pinpoints the heart of South Tryon Street next to Midnight Diner.  The parking lot bordering Midnight Diner has an address of 1109 S. Tryon St.,  according to county real estate records."  

"When asked Tuesday if he planned to sell, Brian Dominick, owner of Midnight Diner, Uptown Cabaret and other bordering parcels including surface parking lots, said he had no comment.  Multiple sources told the Charlotte Business Journal that Riverside is planning a project there.  Riverside declined to comment about its plans.  The Midnight Diner and Uptown Cabaret will remain open, Dominick added."  

"A pre-submittal, or conceptual, meeting is required for urban-zoned projects, according to the city website.  The filing also includes 1111 N. Tryon St. as an address, according to the city database.  The North Tryon address matches that of a site just northeast of uptown Charlotte.   Elizabeth Beretta, owner of 1111 N. Tryon St., said Tuesday she had no knowledge of the pre-submittal filing and had no plans to sell her property."   "Anderson declined comment when asked which address on the filing is correct.   It is unclear if a deal for property at any of the sites has closed or if any of the parcels are under contract at this point."   

"Sources say office would be one use developed at the project, should it move forward.  Adam Williams, with Legacy Real Estate Advisors, is handling retail leasing on the nearby Vantage South End, an approximately $300 million development with plans for two 11-story office buildings, retail space and a boutique hotel."  "He described pending plans for 1111 S. Tryon as a major development step toward connecting South End and uptown."   "The lack of delineation between the two will be an asset for both and continue to make South End/uptown Charlotte the most exciting market in the state if not the region."  


Link:  https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/08/10/midnight-diner-uptown-cabaret-sites-development.html?

This was mentioned at the June UP meetup by the way that uptown cabaret was under contract as it was discussed as UC is UC that is why you might not want to miss the next UP meetup. 

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14 hours ago, B Randy said:

Goettsch will make this an interesting project - they typically like to insert some design gymnastics (to each their own). Should be a game changer w/ Riverside’s track record in Chicago.  

Looking at their website, their stuff is great. Very clean, heavy shapes, some cool cantilevers and interesting angles. Definitely a new look for Charlotte if they stick to that design language.

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Great news about the midnight diner/Uptown cab lots.  What are the chances the parking deck and spectrum building site get redeveloped someday?  I know the deck probably serves that office building (WSP) but they could redesign that lot.  Those are super prime lots right off the Carson light rail station.

RDF drew up a fun rending a long time ago of  making that circular off ramp from 277 to college st a park.  Think that's a fantastic idea and it could have direct access to the rail trail.  Green space is so limited in south end and this would be a great place to hangout or take your dog.  The way Morehead st is about to explode, we need more green/park space.

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