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SouthEnd Midrise Projects


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6 hours ago, CLT2014 said:

One thing that makes the modern neighborhood a little bit less likely to experience change like the mill homes of yesterday.... the invention of the most terrifying form of local government..... THE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION and CC&Rs.

Color permitted of your house: Beige, White, Grey
Windows permitted: White vinyl
Roof colors permitted: Asphalt Gray or Asphalt Black
Additions: None to front, sunroom or patio structure in back. Requires approval from Architecture Committee (made up of people that watch HGTV. Thus expert and qualified to tell others what to do on architecture.)
Driveway: Concrete slab only or approval from Architecture Committee. NO GRAVEL! No concrete with grass. No pavers. CONRETE!
Flags: NONE! ABSOLUTELY NO FLAGS! No American flags, college flags, state flags, pride flags, holiday flags, Jesus flags, Confederate flags, flags with geometric shapes. NO FLAGS!!! Especially flag poles. 
Landscaping: You must have Fescue grass. You cannot change amount of grass. You can replace shrubs. No trees that grow over 15 feet tall.
Parking: DO NOT PARK ON STREET!!! Do not have friends with cars. Do not have parties that bring cars. Do not socialize if it brings cars. Any car on street will be towed. You can have one visitor that fits in driveway or designated visitor spot by pool club.
Front Door: Can have wood grain, white, black, or red. Anything else requires approval of Architecture Committee.... do NOT test us with a pink door. We will say no.
Chairs out front to greet neighbors: WTF??? Greet neighbors?!?!! NO FURNITURE OR CHAIRS IN FRONT OF HOME! Lock up your home. Ring doorbell required. You can have patio furniture in backyard. 
Fences: NO PICKET FENCES. Must have clean line of sight and no fencing in front yard. You can have a black wrought iron fence in backyard only, no more than 5 feet tall. NO BAMBOO FENCES. WE WILL FINE YOU!
Basketball hoops: Must not be attached to home. Movable basketball hoop must be off front yard between 6PM and 6AM.


All of this is sooooo true! And  I absolutely hate them all. Some planned neighborhoods look appealing, but for the majority of them, no. Too many rules. It takes away from what a real meaningful neighborhood should be like. Sure there are some people that actually like that structure of living but to me I just feel that is sucks the life out of people and how they even interact with one another. Just copy and paste all around. Country living or Urban downtown neighborhoods are much more interesting to live in and look at. Never will I understand the appeal these days of gated communities, especially for middle class people, or sprawling subdivisions. 

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On 10/13/2021 at 9:31 AM, Blue_Devil said:

I just want to start seeing these projects break ground. I know 110 East is close, and they have done some prep work, but there are so many proposals that seem so close. I want the push to happen, and to see 20 tower cranes from my living room window again. 

I agree.  I am getting nervous that so many of the projects are taking so long to get started.  I know things take time and the market can demand tenants in advance but many are residential (rental) proposals and they still have not started.

The project across from the Arlington on South Blvd has had no movement for so long.  As for office projects, there is so much discussion of COVID/work from home or hybrid models in the future that I wonder if there is enough demand.  I really hope so!

I want to see as many tower cranes as possible too!  

It seems that Raleigh has so many proposals out there as well with a desire to have several 40 story towers, but I just worry about the demand.  Is it going to be there?  I guess I just need to wait and see what happens as I have not control.  

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I was thinking about this today walking around Ballantyne.  I think there has been some demand destruction in the office market.  Insurance companies like Allstate giving up space in Charlotte for  Moodys for example.  In Atlanta and Dallas State Farm have subleased 100s of thousands of square feet of their recently built office space.  Nationwide gave up a 60,000 sq ft in Raleigh and told everyone to work from home but the building was quickly leased by the State Employees Credit Union.  Some companies are shrinking their footprints and eliminate offices altogether but others are committed to office space maybe redesigned in the future.  So is the office market as bright as it was Jan. 1 2020 absolutely not but it is not all doom and gloom.  There is a huge flight to quality and I think older class A and B buildings might suffer if not in a mixed used environment like in Southend or uptown or even in suburban town center type projects.  Specifically on the Fallon building on South Blvd they want an anchor tenant before starting.   I think we will as many new office buildings being built in the next 5 years as ones that disappeared through new  uses or flat out demos.  

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On 10/4/2021 at 3:12 PM, jjwilli said:


You have to wonder if this purchase on Distribution St by the Tyber Creek restaurant group is not for a "new concept" and is actually for the eventual relocation of Tyber Creek.

Can confirm this is not the case. Neither Tyber or new concept.

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41 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

Yes the Portman apartment tower, the Tyber Creek Pub tower, the tower behind the Railyard, the 3 towers at Riverside,  2 more on the enterprise lot, cousins on w Tremont tower, stiles tower and that is off the top of my head


I think the only one you missed is the Greystar Tower starting in a few months @ Walgreens on East\West Blvd.

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16 minutes ago, atlrvr said:

Aspen Heights at W Morehead and S Mint.  ~19 stories.

Cousins 2 towers at Gin Mill / Hot Taco

If we're crossing South Blvd, then Centre South.


Longer term;

Stiles Phase 2

Walgreens/Rosemont Phase 2

Suffolk Punch site

Woody's on Palmer

Lowe's Tower phase 2


and the Prices Chicken coop tower (on that site)

so many hard to keep up 


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