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This is very interesting.  A suburban office park that is in decent shape maybe be bulldozed for apartments and some of the existing buildings could be converted to apartments.  This is something to follow.

""According to the site plan, High Associates plans to convert the existing buildings into multifamily units and add two more structures to accommodate both residential and commercial uses. The plan calls for up to 350 multifamily units and 14,000 square feet of retail space.

The three existing buildings at Prosperity Place total 215,000 square feet. Tenants include Essentia, ADR Financial Group, Infinium Health Services and Collaborative Pathways Wellness Center.""


Woodlawn Green an office park built in the 1970s was bulldozed for apartments off Woodlawn.  More of this could happen in the future but this office complex I somewhat surprised about. 

Also in the university area 2 single story office buildings in the University Executive park where bulldozed for a new apartment building at McCullough and another office building there will meet the same fate.  

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18 hours ago, KJHburg said:

 The apartment boom is just not intown but in the suburbs too. 



For sure.  I was staying at my brother's house in the northwest corner of Concord, near the intersection of Poplar Tent and Harris, and went to work out at the L.A. Fitness on Prosperity Church Road in Charlotte, about 7 miles away.  Most of the way back I saw almost nothing but big apartment buildings and dense townhouse developments.  It's pretty incredible.   But there also seems to be some very poor planning/missed opportunities as most of that construction is being built without any walkable retail.  So even though all those thousands of people are living in dense housing,  they still have to get in a car and drive for every single need.  What a mess.  So many perfect opportunities to get some cars off the road but city planners keep ignoring them.

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