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Augusta Photo of the Day

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This is a great way to post pictures of the Garden City throughout the year. Here is a nice one to start us off with.


A civil war cannon overlooking the sundial at Augusta State University.

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rbp    0

Anyone have pics from the storm, especially from Wrens & Jefferson County? I've got family down that way. They're all OK, but I've heard there was a lot of damage, but haven't seen many pics.

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basket1058    0

Hello there, I've recently come into the Augusta area, while I usually lurk the Triad threads I figured that since I am in the area I would contribute a couple of photos I took from around downtown Augusta. While i'm only here for a brief time I figured that I while i'm here i'd share a few photos of the Augusta area that I have taken, hoepfully I can stock up the photo thread with some nice city photos. Either way here's a little of downtown Augusta!







Finally here's a poor photo from today's July 4th Festivities

Hopefully I can get some more later on!

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augga706    0

Nice pics. I was downtown last night and the streets were jammed packed. There were alot of people from cities in south carolina and georgia who came to augusta last night. I found some more pics from last night activities.



The Fourth of July fireworks show lights up the Augusta skyline.

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