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Toronto Panoramas

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This is one of the more amazing panoramic views from the CN Tower, although you have to scroll much to the right to see many of the buildings. I find it bizzaire how tiny the buildings in Mississauga and North York all the way over towards Scarborough seem to be due to the distance.

Although I love photos from the lakefront, they really don't measure the size of the city and most buildings are north-south not east-west.


Here is a WWI air show photo, although the buildings are easy to see behind the downtown northward away from the lakefront:


And from the CN Tower, as the above photos show, when you're looking westward you really can't see Mississauga well. Mississauga is in the distance across the Humber Bay:


And of course here is Mississauga from a distance, but zoomed in with more clarity:


Driving toward North York on the 401, which you can see in the distance north of downtown in the panoramas above:


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