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Photo Tour of New Construction @ Werthan


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Many folks are unaware that in addition to the conversion of the old Werthan facility into condos, complete with original stone and brick walls that are a foot thick, there is some totally new construction going on there. If you're someone who likes the project, but still wants the feel of totally new construction, there are what Werthan's calling "Townhouses" and "Penthouses". None of the old brick or well-worn floors, but you are still part of the Werthan project. An interesting complement to the restoration/conversion of the old buildings.

The five Townhouses are at the southern end of the complex, along Taylor. They aren't, however, at ground level. They sit on top of what is now to be parking. These are visible simply by driving north away from downtown on Rosa Parks (previously 8th Avenue) through Germantown.

The Penthouses are actually on top of a newly constructed parking garage that is inside the complex, and not really visible from the outside.

If you like walking through drywalled projects, you might enjoy the pix I took this weekend. Here's an album with more pictures.

This pic shows the Penthouses atop the new garage. Half of the units face north, half face south/downtown.


Here's a shot of the interior of one of the Penthouses - very interesting space. Downtown is visible in the distance. The building in front is part of the next phase. The unit's deck is also visible through the sliding doors.


This is a view of the Townhouses from inside the Werthan complex. There is parking underneath the Townhouses - not private for just them, but for the entire complex. The garage opening is actually on Taylor. They're a little unusual in that they are oriented wide, as opposed to deep.


This is what that top floor looks like from the inside, with windows on both the north and south sides. Unfortunately, the only interior pic I have of the Townhouses.


I have no affiliation with the project - just someone who likes to look at things under construction!

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Cool pics! I like these sort of inside pics from projects, as they give a feel of what they have to offer their future residents. This one in particular is one I would be interested if I were a local wanting to live near downtown and have a great view, plus get to live in a very interesting space. I think it's a very neat project.

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