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"No Country for Old Men"


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I had been interested in this one due to some good reviews, but never saw it until the Oscar win put it into the must-see category for me. So, I saw it on Friday, and must admit, I felt puzzled coming out of there. (If you recall the ending, you know what I mean.) I feel like I need some more opinions on this, hence my post.

As pure entertainment goes, so long as you can put aside or endure the violence, it's truly riveting. The scenery was appropriately dark and brooding, the characters are spot-on, and Javier Bardem's performance as Anton Chigurh was chilling. But, especially after the abrupt ending, I was left thinking what does it all mean? Can a movie win the Oscar for best picture if it's just a thoroughly entertaining film, or should it have a higher purpose? Does it?

I've read that the theme isn't necessarily about Sherriff Bell's (Tommy Lee Jones) struggle for purpose, or Llewelyn Moss's (Josh Brolin) fight aginst impossibly brutal evil, or any particular character, but maybe it's about America and it's decent from innocence, or erosion of values. I've read the 1980 setting is meaningful in this regard. Maybe there are hints in the novel, though I haven't read it.

I'd love to hear others comments on this.

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The movie was riveting in every way possible. Tommy Lee Jones' top billing seemed misplaced, but I suppose the star power of his name alone was the reason for this. The movie was extremely well done. For some, the violence might seem overplayed, but it captured the gritty essence of the book quite well.

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