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Downtown Blight


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Capitol West (that ugly guilding by the Highway and Aetna

co-operative owner. city will use redevelopment powers(legal speak) and they want entry level workerr housing. sees project taking off in the next year.

not sure if they are talking tear down or rehab. I hope to god its tear down.

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Main street parking lot across from SHS

he called this a challenging location and said it is a permanent parking lot for now. pressure will be put on this location in several years after many of the other locations are developed making the market better for this piece.

I take this as what we have been saying. it would just be too expensive to build here with all the available land. also this should be the showpiece location of the city, so they are taking a do nothing or do it right. no half assed development.

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The mayor mentioned the downtown insurance companies in the same breath as entry level worker housing. I took it the same as HT did. budding professionals.

As far as the State House lot, I think the park died because those parking spaces became vital to keeping certain companied happy. I think we are stuck with it at a parking lot because it would be the most expensive location to develop in the city, and the city itself has high hopes for that location.

also, JOJO, that lot is listed as owned by Alkon associates, the same people that own the lots by the bushnell. they are managed by Konover construction. I think they own most of the problem areas. too bad they are so well connected.

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