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Googie Architecture in Charlotte


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I am curious if there is any Googie Architecture left in Charlotte. Googie, not google. I recommend a read of this article for a brief description of this type of uniquely American style of architecture. Some of the more notable examples would be the Space Needle as noted in the article, the LAX and original La Guardia airports, and what remains of the '64 World's Fair in Flushing Meadows, NY.

The only examples I can think of here in Charlotte would be the original Charlotte Coliseum (now crudely called Cricket Arena), the South 21 Drive-Ins and possibly the Park Road Shopping Center though it was completely re-clad to late 80s dullness sometime in the early 90s. Anything else? I do find it surprising there are not more examples given that Charlotte did an impressive amount of growing during the period cited. (late 40s to mid 60s)

If you need further inspiration think The Jetsons.

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I suppse the old Park-n-Shop (now Compare Foods) on N Tryon would qualify.


Another example would be the old Piece Goods Shop on Independence at Albermarle...it was apparantly originally a car dealer, but was bulldozed by the state as part of the exressway-ization of Independence.

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Ahh yeah, the old Park & Shops would be a perfect example. Several of their buildings still exist but they have been converted to other uses a long time ago. I am not sure if they have torn down the one on Wilkenson, but there is still a Park & Shop building at the old Coliseum Shopping Center (also a previous candidate for this). There is also one at the shopping center located at Woodlawn and S. Blvd, but the building was changed so much in the late 90s that it is not recognizable now. The one you have noted at Sugar Creek is very close to what the original stores looked like.

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I, for one, really enjoy this whimsical style of architecture. I remember when the Park N Shop on N. Tryon was a regular spot for groceries when I was growing up. They Tryon Mall was also thriving at the time. I would like to see some of the smaller examples, now service stations, be brought back to life as trendy diners. They always make me think of a utopian lit diner beside a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. If you make the interior retro, it would be insta-trendy for a city like Charlotte, depending on the location of course.

These are the buildings I am referring to:


This one is at the corner of 4th and Charlottetowne.


This one is on Morningside at the Independence dead end.

This is the style of architecture we are referring to correct?

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