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Jindal released his call for the second special session to deal with eliminating business taxes and spending the $1 billion surplus.

Included in the call is a request to allocate $50m of the surplus to Pennington Biomedical to build new facilities, purchase imaging equipment, and attract talent and projects. The fund (if approved) is expected to create a combined 1000 temporary (construction) and permenant jobs, and generate $40m in annual salaries and around $100m in yearly revenues.

The call also includes allocating funds to six-lane I-12 from BR to DS, and from Slidell to I-55.

The rest is business-friendly reductions and eliminations of archaic taxes on businesses, which are one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) things holding back large-scale corporate investment in LA (which would most likely benefit BR and Shreveport at the moment).

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