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SC residents to face tougher times in the skies.


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What do you guys think about SC refusing to "upgrade" the driver's lisences so that we will be able to board planes without problems? Apparently, the Feds have given states until this May to upgrade DLs to a standard, or fliers holding them will have to use other ID (ie a passport) or be subjected to increased searches and checks. So far, only four states ahve refused. Mark Sanfard is saying it will be too expensive to upgrade.

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I think its a non-issue, and I have to disagree with Sanford and the General Assembly on this one. The Act is basically to force other states with antiquated ID's (eg: New York) to get with the 21st century. South Carolina already complies with most of it so far as I can tell. At the worst it may cause a redesign that can be phased in somehow.

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