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Stamford Projects Compilation

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I am trying to pull all of the projects in Stamford together. please correct me if I have anything incorrect as I am not at all an expert on Stamford.


The Luxe 56-unit condominium tower, 286-foot-tall building

St. Andrew's Church Tower 287-foot building with commercial space on the first floor and about 300 rental units on 26 floors above.

Tresser Square 4.5 acres 832 Condos 130k retail

11 Forest Street 18 lofts with retail


Metro Green 220 apartments, 48 of which will be below-market, in addition to a 17-story 325,000 SQFT office tower.

Antares South End 82 Acres 400,000 square feet of retail space 4,000 housing units, and build 40 units of affordable housing and 600,000 to 700,000 square feet of new office space rising as high as 17 stories

300 Stillwater Ave 60-unit condominium building

Park Square West Phase III 117.5? apartments

Park Square West Phase IV 117.5? apartments

Atlantic Centre Ritz Carlton Hotel and Condo 189 Hotel rooms, 289 Condos


Trump Parc Tower 350' 34-story tower will house 170 luxury units

Highgrove - 18-story 350,000 sq ft 95 spacious condominium residences as well as 230 indoor parking spots

Park Square West Phase II 189 apartments

Royal Bank of Scotland - 12 floors Office 400,000 SQFT

I know there are more, I am just not sure where to find them

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Here is a nice Advocate article about everything happening in Stamford and the policies that have helped it.

I like this part

Stamford's reputation has been its success in obtaining $110 million in federal urban transit funds to build the urban transitway. "We got tired of the state not doing anything about transportation," Malloy said.

It seems as though every project is still happening. Even the massive ones. I suppose they are so large that the downturn is just a hickup for them. Heck many of these projects will not even be finished for a decade.

There is a simular Connpost article as well.

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I never really realized that Antares had an office project that was seperate from the harbourfront developemnt

it was to be 323000SF but they just decided to stall thing thing because the city is taking too long over its summer break to make decisions.

we will see how this works out.


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I didn't see a project heading for this so I'm not sure if this is the best place to post, but: Downtown Stamford Hotel Project Denied Zoning Extension

I think this would have been a nice project for downtown Stamford. With a company this well known in the area not to be able to secure an extension, the zoning board must have had some real questions about the developers ability / sincerity to move forward with this project, otherwise I would think it would be a slam-dunk! I wonder what happens now...

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