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Tomorrow is today? (7 county NWA metro area)

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Sorry that I didn't post this on Sunday but...

In the Demo-zette's "Business Matters" tabloid in that day's paper there was a fascinating cover story about how NWA economic entities are trying to attract new businesses, mainly things like nice chain restaurants.

The article gave information on what businesses like Darden (?) Restaurants are looking for their high end restaurants in terms of metro area size, etc. Among other things the article said is that Rogers/Lowell Chamber of Commerce is now claiming Carroll County as part of the NWA metro, while Fayetteville's economic dev council is claiming parts of east Oklahoma (which have to be Adair and Delaware Counties, which another poster here gave us an article a few years back from the Joplin, MO newspaper saying these two will most assuredly be added to NWA come the 2010 census) in the latter's metro trading area.

It was a good read, and a reminder of what's ahead for NWA. By a comparison, I know Tulsa and I believe Memphis each have 7 county metro areas. Not saying that NWA's as big as those two areas but it certainly is catching up...

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Yeah interesting article, I missed it as well. I hadn't heard Carroll County being officially part of our metro yet. Although I did figure it would be added at some point in the near future. I'll highlight some of what the article said.

Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers Metropolitan Statistical Area, which covers Benton, Washington, Madison and Carroll counties and McDonald County, Mo., had an estimated population of 420, 876 as of 2006, the Web site states. The Fayetteville Economic Development Council includes parts of Oklahoma in the Fayetteville MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area ) trade area, its Web site states. The council
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I noticed a mention in the newspaper again today that listed Carroll County as part of the metro. Not to say that it wasn't confirmed already. I guess I just expected it to get mentioned a little more when it actually happened.

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