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Bad National Attention

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Anyone who listens to the Opie and Anthony Show in the mornings on 107.3 probably heard the hoopla surrounding our own Dr. Robert Stokes and his crazy antics. For those of you who don't, here's the scoop:

The show is syndicated out of NYC (kind of like Howard Stern) and heard throughout the country. They read an article the other morning about a physician who may have contaminated 40,000 people wiht AIDS and Hepatitis. They left out the name of the city, and had their listeners call in to see if they were "safe".

"Yes, Jeff in Buffalo, you are safe". "Yes, Kevin in Queens, you are safe!" "Yes, Jill in Tampa, you too are safe". Then a guy from GR calls in and they razz him and the city about how many potentially sick people are here now. We all owe this f***head a big round of applause for embarrassing our city. Thanks alot, scumbag.

Rant complete.

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Thanks for clearing this up , I guess I had my story a little off - but I think that even the biggest "buffoons" heard on national radio still carry a message. I hate our city getting dragged into bad pub because of some slime's tactics.

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