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Dry Creek Farms - Goodlettsville


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Hi. Wondering if anyone has any source of info on this development? It looks to encompass a large section of land, with several different segments of residential development, including houses, apartments, and condos, as well as retail. It should connect several roads, and create a couple others in the process, and straddles the southern border of Goodlettsville within Metro.

A very small, hard to read site map is here:


A map of the site here:


Anyone have anything else?


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A larger view of the development plan.


And a little more info:


As for what's complete and in progress:

Section A: Mostly complete. Dry Creek Rd. is complete from intersection with Dickerson to the creek, with construction underway on the bridge over the creek, and the rest of the road (including the connection to Old Dickerson, which has just begun).

Sections B, H, & I: Some work has been done for filling in land, and some other infrastructure. It's hard to tell from driving by, but they've been "moving dirt" there for a couple months now.

Sections C & D: Nothing has been done here yet as far as I can tell, but this is a beautiful piece of wooded land on both sides of Old Dickerson Rd that I hate to see go! If you're near there, drive thru there while you can :)

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An update: The apartments are done and open. The Dry Creek Rd. extension is complete with 2 bridges, but remains unpaved. The road was ostensibly open for a couple of months (one could drive on it anyway) but recently, it was blocked with "road closed" signs installed in the center of the road, indicating that it will likely not be completed any time soon. No progress has been made on the condo development project. My guess is that original plans have either been postponed or cancelled.

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