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More chains eye developing in Dayville


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In the news for the past several months, the Interstate Shell gas station has been seeking to redevelop their property: tearing down the existing station and replacing it with a smaller more modern station closer to I-395 (currently it's closer to the corner of Routes 101 and 12. And with the land remaining, a Walgreens would be built on the other side of the property.

Link: http://www.villagernewspapers.com/KILA022208.pdf ... it's on page 13

Now there's rumors that across Route 12 from this site, CVS is looking to build a store where the Dunkin Donuts lies. This could lead to other businesses on that corner relocating ... including the Zip's Diner (as mentioned on several national TV programs) possibly being moved up the hill on Route 101 near the budget motel. I haven't seen anything official as of yet.

I never understood the logic of CVS and Walgreens building stores with such close proximity to one another. I see this all the time. In Webster, MA, the two stores are a block from each other. On Lincoln Street in Worcester, they are diagonally across the street. And I'm sure this happens in way more places.

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