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New to the board and already noticed that there is a wealth of knowledge on here. Me and my fiancee are begining our home search, and are looking for a helping hand. She stumbled across a home that is listed in Biltmore Oaks. We haven't heard anything about this project, and haven't uncovered any information on the web. We are hoping that you all might point us in the right direction. Any links, photos, or information that you could share would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note, we are very interested in any Craftsman style homes whether the be original builds, or the modern Craftsman. Our focus is on Downtown Greenville and Simpsonville.

We look forward to seeing what all this board has to offer, and hope that one day we can return the favor.

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All I can find is this: http://greenvilleonline.com/news/2005/05/0...05050263699.htm from 2005, about a development in the Haynie - Sirrine area, between Sirinne Stadium and the converted townhouse/ old Ramada Inn.

I haven't heard anything since then, and it appears the website is now a dead link.

I'd guess the project is dead? Anyone know?

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