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Business strip in uptown

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:yahoo: It seems that plans are in the works for a Suntrust Bank, Pharmacy(Walgreens) and the very elusive grocery store. I am glad to see more retail in the downtown/uptown area. The article doesn't mention the possible grocery store tenant, who could it be ? we certainly don't need a kroger @ that location


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Definitely a good development for beginning to bring the much needed every-day retail components of daily life to the growing residential population of downtown. It will definitely should help that area north of I-40 pick up some more residential and commercial redevelopment.

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I try to visit Memphis once a year (I live in Nashville but was born in Memphis and have a strong family tie there).

My last trip was in September 2006 (unfortunately, I did not make it to the city in 2007 and likely won't, thanks to gas prices, this year). I drove the Uptown area a bit and it does seems this district could be prime for the type development about which the Commerical Appeal story reports. I noticed all the new Hope VI housing. Solid. But I did not know this are is now being called Uptown. I like it.

It will be interesting to see how Uptown unfolds over the next few years.


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