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Cancer and Hemotology Centers moving into downtown GR

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Cancer and Hemotology Centers of Western Michigan PC is seeking a Personal Property Exemption from the City of Grand Rapids to move their research department from 710 Kenmoor in Cascade Township, to the third floor of the Lemmen Holton Cancer Pavilion at 145 Michigan St NE.

In collaboration with the Van Andel Institute, Cancer and Hemotology Services will be using the genetic makeup of patients to design individualized drug treatment plans. Services provided will include infusion therapy for cancer patients, physician professional services, cancer research, laboratory and genetic services.

The total third floor build-out will provide space for up to 120 researchers and employees, with an average wage of $42/hour. CHCWM now employs 34 at their Kenmoor location.

The new center will also feature an outdoor deck overlooking the Van Andel Institute, the Helen Devos Children's Hospital and downtown


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This is fantastic news! I wonder if this was pre-planned or if the opportunity fit. Makes you wonder if when this building boom is done, there will still be a shortage of space (I hope so).


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