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Red light cameras


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A city task force is considering five proposals to implement a red-light traffic camera system in Montgomery, which will be the first city in the state to utilize the cameras. The committee is considering installing the cameras at approximately 10 of the city's busiest intersections, and the devices could be in place by April 2008. The project won't cost the city anything -- vendors make their money from the generated revenues.

Montgomery Advertiser: Cameras help nab traffic offenders

WSFA-TV: Task Force Prepares To Make Final Decision On Red Light Cameras In Montgomery

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The Montgomery City Council approved the installation of red light cameras, which will be installed and operational in April. Tickets will cost $50 and won't go on the driving record of violators.

The city is considering installing the cameras at the intersections of Bell and Vaughn roads, Carmichael and Perry Hill Road, Madison Avenue and North Ripley Street, Taylor and Vaughn roads and Air Base Boulevard and Mobile Highway.

Montgomery Advertiser: Red light cameras to scan in April

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The new red light cameras will be installed at 10 intersections in Montgomery:

  • Air Base Boulevard and Mobile Highway

  • Ann Street and Highland Avenue

  • Bell Road and Vaughn Road

  • Carter Hill Road and Crawford Street

  • Fairview Avenue and Oak Street

  • Norman Bridge Road and Fairview Avenue

  • Perry Hill Road and Carmichael Road

  • Ripley Street and Madison Avenue

  • Rosa Parks Avenue and Fairview Avenue

  • Vaughn Road and Taylor Road

Intersections chosen for red light cameras

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As of today, red light cameras are operational at seven intersections in Montgomery, and violators will begin receiving warnings this week. After the 30-day warning period ends April 30th, violators will begin receiving $50 fines. Fines will double for drivers who get caught more than two times in a 12-month period.

According to an official from the company that installed the devices, incidents of red-light running at these intersections are usually reduced 40 to 50 percent, and the number of accidents decrease 20 to 25 percent.

Red light cameras on duty today

How red light traffic cameras work

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