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Scotland Canal- Farlkirk Wheel

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Someone sent me a powerpoint on this. This has to be one of the coolest things that I have ever seen!

This demonstrates an ability to be creative on a very large level.

"At the beginning there were two canals:

Canal Forth and Clyde was built in 1777 between harbors Grangemouth and Falkirk connecting Glasgow with west cost of Scotland.

Canal Union between Falkirk and Edinburgh was finished in 1822.

Because of geographical difficulties, which created a difference of 79ft.in elevation, the two canals were connected by 11 locks.

In 1963, after 150 yrs of existence of this water way with 11 locks the construction of a huge water carousel started. This extraordinary idea was finished in 2002 and became a symbol of Scotland. This invention saves not only time but also energy.

This is the only rotational boat transporter in the world. It has two arms and each arm forms a kind of huge tub filled with water. Boats enter the tub, then the tub locks up and the huge arm starts rotating."


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Problem with the United States is it always comes back to the bottomline. Doing something 'just cause its a good idea' or 'it's good for the environment' sadly gets you nowhere in this country. People in Europe and Asia shell out huge premiums in building construction to make something unique or even a building that is truely designed while we end up with Super-Mercrapo

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You almost can sense the power and brilliance of the Farlkirk wheel just from the photos alone.

If western Michigan really wants to start standing out, we need projects, large and small, and of all sorts, that really display some creativity and ingenuity like that. Cabela's, Lifestyle Centers, parking lots, boring tall towers, and the like are just an admission that we've run out of ideas.

We cant even manage to fix our own roads! :rolleyes:

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I rode the wheel when I was over there a few years ago - took a day trip to see it and the city. I was somewhat dismayed when I asked about its purpose. Apparently the guided tour boats make up the vast majority of the traffic - no one uses the canal except for a few holiday goers. So as neat as it was it seems it is sort of a government scheme of 'if you build it they will come' - tourists that is. But I recommend a trip if you happen to be in Scotland. It's impressive. I have pics somewhere around here . . .

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