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What's your "third place" in Charlotte?


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I would have to say Berrybrook Farm on East is mine. I go there several times a week. The food is healthy and inexpensive. The people are friendly and down to earth and I can be in and out in minutes if I am in between dog walking appts. If I am not in a rush their swing seats are great in nice weather. What about you?

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I'm gonna chime in on this one! I was interested but didn't know what a 'third place' was so Voyager informed me. Your home and work are your other 'places' so your third place is the next in line, or your favored social spot that you like to spend time between these two.

Mine would have to be between two places, anywhere outside downtown. I love, in good weather, walking my dog(s), hanging out in the park, and generally being outside. Other than that for social hanging out I like Ruth's Chris bar. Not for any other reason than it is at the bottom of our building, lots of neighbors are there often, and we've gotten to be friends with the bartenders. It's a good place to see a lot of celebs when they are in town (I've seen numerous pro athletes there, George Clooney, Ric Flair :), and others). Mostly I like it because of the neighborly feel because it is beside our building. I wonder if Press will takes its place though...

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