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"Rush Hour 3" to be filmed in Honolulu?

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Jackie Chan favors Hawaii for next film

The busy movie star says "Rush Hour 3" will be shot here

Action star Jackie Chan gave the shaka sign during his press conference yesterday at his namesake restaurant, Jackie's Kitchen, at Ala Moana Center. Behind him is Robert Cortes, the general manager and Chan's business partner.


Action movie star Jackie Chan opened a restaurant and premiered a comedy film in Honolulu this week, but he might not be finished with the islands yet.

At the opening of his Jackie's Kitchen at Ala Moana Center yesterday, Chan said he is confident that 70 percent of his "Rush Hour 3" movie will be filmed in Hawaii.

But that was news to officials at the Hawaii Film Office, who have not received any inquiries from the production company.

Producers had been planning to film the sequel in Thailand and Japan, although the location has changed over time. In 2001 the film was to be set in Africa. In 2002 New Line planned to film it in New York City plus another spot where both heroes will be "fish out of water."

Chan said he likes Hawaii and wants to film here.

"Rush Hour 3" will be the second sequel to the original 1998 hit, which scored $141 million in the United States after being filmed with a budget of less than $35 million.

"Rush Hour 2," in 2001, took in more than $206 million on a budget of about $90 million.

Besides last night's grand opening of the restaurant, Chan also hosted a fund-raising premiere Tuesday of his film "Around the World in 80 Days" at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.

The actor met with media yesterday at his namesake restaurant, fielding questions about his life, when he'll stop doing martial-arts movies, and his acting goals, plus his upcoming film "Rush Hour 3."

Chan said he's probably too busy with too many interests outside of acting, like his restaurants and singing.

"I like doing many things, trying everything, but it has to be the best, because if it's not, it comes right back to Jackie," he said.

Chan said he plans to spend another five years making a transition from martial arts films to dramas similar to the upcoming "Police Story" sequel.

"If you look at 'Around the World in 80 Days,' it's a comedy, and 'Police Story' is a pure drama with some action," he said. "Of course, I have to do some action."

He has high aspirations for his acting career.

"I want to be a Dustin Hoffman, a Robert DeNiro," he said. "I don't want to always be ... action, action, action. I want to change my image ... and not just (be) known as an action star."


*The restaurant actually opened in like December but this was the official grand opening.


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Guest donaltopablo

Cool, RH3. As long as it's still got Chris Tucker in it.

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^Yeah its his first outside of Asia and in the US, it basically has a lot of memorabilia from his movies and a Chinese fusion cuisne. The bartenders are also trained to do all kinds of tricks and put on a show as they serve drinks or whatever haha I have not been there yet but its like 3 or so blocks down the street from me!

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