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Music in Savannah


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As most of us who live in Savannah know, this city is a bit lacking in the music scene. We only get a few big names here per year. I know the city has a very musical side to it, and there is no lack of talent, especially with scad and their music programs. it seems to me that savannah could easily be a music hub, and should be. i wanted to get opinions from yall as to why the music scene isnt too strong and maybe some ideas as to what could beef it up.

personal thoughts:

we need a real concert hall, a big venue for the big names. there should be at least one night a month that a local group gets to play a complete show and there should be a competition for it, maybe a weekly playoff, go through rounds until a winner is decided (to stimulate the local music scene). i really think this would help.

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There's more to Savannah than SCAD, and SCAD alone cannot & will not attract national acts.

Also, we lack quality venues. The Civic Center is horrendously outdated, but it won't be replaced unless a need for a new one can be identified. Since historically, Savannahians don't attend concerts featuring national acts, the need for a new Civic Center cannot really be identified.

Local & regional acts can find homes in Forsyth Park, small bars/clubs/restaurants (unless the very racist & power-hungry Alderman Van Johnson has his way.....), as well as some of the downtown "theaters", so there are venues for those acts, which are traditionally supported by Savannahians.

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